Stella 2013 features

Gear system with “X-SHIP” to open up the world!

Deployment and optimization of large gear which supports the improvement in accuracy and performance towards the surface that eliminates the rotational resistance and help increase the efficiency of the power transmission in the gear “X-SHIP”.
With the NEW Stella SW, it has an increasing rigidity of each wheel motor, such as veil, to dispel the power loss caused by the distortion or deflection.
“X-SHIP” has the synergistic effect that creates stiffness and avoids loss of the input to the steering wheel which enables more direct winding.
Every fight scene requires a powerful advantage which SW has since it is the toughest.
“X-SHIP” and the high inertia of “X-RIGID ROTOR” make it more productive. This is why Stella barrel has “smooth and powerful ring” .
The main goal is to assist the operation of the lure angler on a jig stress-free operation. It is very important to also concentrate on the maintenance.
The strength of the SW is exhibited throughout the fight because of its usability. This is only in the world of SW.


Take a mighty load! Extreme level of toughness gear!!

The main gear can pass through the strength of an extreme level full drag unfazed even with the biggest of fish. Even on a fight, the strength and the thickness of the main gear remade can be seen even to the naked eye. It has a special surface treatment that has achieved a maximum durability of 138% compared to the conventional one. The NEW Stella SW is worth it. It has a tough gear made to win the every big game versus the SW.


Powerful sealing structure in throughout body. Friction begins on the surfaces of the lid body. The contact portion spool is sealed strongly everywhere so that it blocks water during the use of the gear. The SW game works in extreme conditions to ensure high reliability and durability.


Protected with a special grease & triple lip

The roller clutch is the cornerstone which is waterproofed by the triple lip-contact structure design. At the first stage water coming in is prevented by the lip in the gap between the body and the rotor. Furthermore, its structure has special grease between the first lip, third stage lip and the second stage in contact with the rotor collar which is located at the top of the roller clutch. It has a filling effect which prevents the entering of water at the same time; it also eliminates any frictional resistance. Yes, it is secure without compromising the performance. Its motto a “silky rotation ” is the reason why Stella barrel can withstand splashes of the raging waters. This is high waterproof performance.


The NEW Stella SW drag system is very operational. Its toughness and smoothness are its major improvement. The basic performance is sought to drag from the ground. Each drag washer is made up of only the metal and carbon which has excellent heat resistance and durability.
In addition as the result of in-depth research is that the thickness of the component parts and the friction force combined to achieve optimal performance which is exhibited by each component.
The structure is supported from both above and below the median plane spool, to efficiently distribute the load. We have to ensure the smooth and stable drag force. With a “coiled spring wave” inside, Doragutsumami’s fine-tuning is still possible even with the high load. You can trust its increased drag performance at any level, a new dimension to fulfill the dreams of anglers to lift heavy loads. Model #8000 or larger, consists of a layer of metal and carbon washer with large diameter in lower spool. With a large diameter, it is possible to firmly support from both the top and bottom of the drag can be tightened by Doragutsumami that significantly reduce the load per unit area. “X-TOUGH DRAG” are dedicated large models. You can feel the stability ever.There is no change in spring force; it remains stable regardless of the amount of compression. The drag spring has a newly adopted coiled wave spring with less deformation caused by repeated compression. Substantially adjusting the drag force with uniformity is now available from minimum to maximum level which means that even in a situation, it can be adjusted close to Furudoragu. It can be deployed advantageously, fight monsters in extreme conditions of any class. Drag works the way you envision it, some users felt that the drag value conventionally varies greatly by just moving the high loads Doragunobu a little more.

Drag washer wear resistance has been improved dramatically

As a result of the wear test, the carbon washer 08 Stella SW becomes thinner, even if the load is enough. The fluff on the surface can be determined, to the extent that the gloss of the surface increases. The carbon washers on the NEW Stella SW cannot be verified. As a result, it has significantly improved with its heat resistance and durability without tensile testing conditions. Even in Furudoragu (comparative drag jerking) is significantly shaken, confirmed with a smooth release line. Because you can hold the rod in a certain position on a stable Fight with large fish.


High rigidity aluminum body,Fight are protected precisely

The aluminum body material is adopted because of its high rigidity with NEW Stella SW.
The body is complete and it focuses on the idea of ​​protecting the internal reel from any harsh rugged conditions.
It will allow you to be very confident because it brings a sense of high rigidity in tough saltwater scene which is one of the biggest challenges.


Not only strength Weapon even inertia

Severe emphasis on field characteristics of SW is the rotor that has adopted the aluminum material with excellent durability, rigidity and corrosion resistance.
It creates a strong finish to the rotor to ponder the placement thickness down to the smallest detail wherein certain robustness is ensured.
We maximize the actual fishing time such as protecting the reel from the shock applied to the body. The potential of each mechanism is visible when moved, starting with the drag.
The unique aluminum material with a rotational inertia makes the NEW Stella SW “smooth and strong reeling “. It does not only supports and comfort to lure big load, but also in deep jigging area.


Adoption big shaft shape titanium!
Bale robust high rigidity

By employing a titanium veil that has a thick shaft, greatly improved strength. It exhibits excellent impact resistance. In addition, one of the material properties of titanium are not only lightweight but it is also excellent in corrosion resistance.
SW barrier coat big roller has a high strength SR-Piece veil, treated with DLC combined with high-strength hard coating. The veil is a system of complete trust.
The synergistic effect of the “X-RIGID ROTOR”, has been achieved around the unprecedented rotor strengthening.


Dose not lost a power of hoist!
Handle new high rigidity

The NEW Stella SW, has a shaft flange handle conventionally divided and integrally molded. It improves the rigidity of the handle. The shaft collar alone has adopted the new shape of the mating surfaces and the handle shank. It is wrapped around a wide range of high precision handle shank significantly increase the rigidity of the entire handle.
By adopting the handle shank cold, the deflection of the handle dispels the distortion. Higher models No. 5000 is often used in the power game is also contributing to the prevention of twisting inside. As a result, the data of rigidity test handle is achieved with 35%. An angler will be able to connect through its winding power even when high load is enabled.